YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS – To the Pope – David Cameron and Benjamin Netanyahu



“With permission I pass you this message from “The ONE”.

You could have told the world the truth about the Company Store System you set up.

But you did not.

You could have told the truth about SET “An” whom you worship.

But you did not.

You could have told the people they have been locked in a Construct, and Elizabeth “Lilith” daughter of SET, stole the Ankh system key.

You could have told them you lied about “Jesus” and that this was the Coven name of Charles.

You could have told them his other coven names by promotion were “Horus” and then “Lucifer”.

You could have told them about the EL greys who are SET’s, but you did not.

You could have told them that Elizabeth “Lilith” is over the Coven Freemason, as the PAPAL is over the Illuminati Coven; and that ISRAEL was under that coven.

You could have told them that the coven owns the DoD, which owns all the space agencies.

You could have told them that the Vector Sigil was the symbol of the Sith.

And you could have told them it is Lilith Elizabeth, queen of the Moloch, who is in exile.

That you have aided to slaughter our world with her corporation U.N., because you have lied about Jesus and allowed the other branches to Seal by fraud the Children of Man, and because you helped slaughter our world by use of Covet Means.

The EL and SET (An) now owe The ONE, God, and Father of the Branch of Mankind an Esoteric Debt he can never repay.

The ONE says, take a close look at your NASA owned Telescopes, at the Sun.

You have failed to reign in your dogs of War, Rothschild, Elizabeth, and the Gad/Sachs.

You have failed to stop Magog Bush, who is yours as well.

Look at the Sith, as they panic at the Sun.

Many of the candlesticks have been knocked down, but your fate is more severe, for you LIED about Jesus and the god you serve, which is SET An.

Look at the Stereo soho images of the 11th [February] and understand.

You either stand up and tell these people the truth, or reep your fate.

All good on Earth will make the Leap forward.

And you, who are the murderous pedophile Covens of Azazel, will get the Pit…Look at your Vatican Telescopes.

Watch them panic in vain.

That is your fate. For lying and removing the name of God, the All Father, and putting the names of SET in your “bible”, “torah” and “Koran”.

That is your fate, for not telling humanity that “the ONE” is a real and LIVING PERSON THEY WILL MEET.

That is your fate, for stealing the children of Man.

You will not continue, as Lilith planned.

The debt you now owe is too great.

There will be no ‘future’ for any of the CA. An’s debt is so great, that Amnesty is being granted for some, and if you two who are not the priesthood disbelieve [in reference to Netanyahu and Cameron], I suggest you ask the priesthoods and Lilith Elizabeth.

Chief Rabbinate of Israel knows the truth, so does the Pontiff.”


THE JEWS ARE NOT ISRAELITES . . . the hard truth is coming out



Of course, the Moslems and Christians have a problem,

as their religions are based on the Jewish religion