Shared publicly – Feb 11, 2014

When I went to look up the Coven age information which created our charter, Which is related to JFK’s ‘secret society speech’ and the term ‘Covet Means’.

I found not only was the Coven age removed, but the entire ‘timeline’ had been altered. If you don’t know, the Coven Age created ALL religions, and it was not a thousand years ago, it was late 1800’s and continued to the early 1900’s. “C.E.” is ‘Coven Era’ as well as ‘Caesar Era’ because they also created the pharisees and coven Caesar.

I went to the canon laws, that was was taught, with that charter and the Vatican has removed the canon that is used to issue all charters/corporations, and has actually had the nerve to re-define such words as ‘Domini’ which is the root of ‘dominate’.

It wasn’t just the vatican that altered these books. It was the jewish priesthood, which is tied directly to the Vatican. This is because they created the whole thing. Including “Jesus.” Which was taught as the coven name of Charles, son of Elizabeth 1 who was “Lilith” and they were promoted, which changed his coven name again, as is custom by hebrew coven law. I’m about to do a video showing the older news papers marked ‘CE’ etc.



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