Rose’s older article on, ia, The Creation

Friday, March 29, 2013 8:40
And the part that (Enlil) Ba-El, King of Hell left out of his “Bi-B-El”, “To Ra” torah (Marduke), & “Core An” who was SET Is that the Esoteric Law is: “SET May do as he wishes to those that Choose him”.

By law of the All Father: “All Men Go Up”. “Lilith” (Coven Name of Elizabeth) stole the key (Ankh/atuwa) & locked us inside the Construct with the Covens of Azazel which are The Papal, Royal & Federal’s.
Man has won the War, although the Covens still Fight, the West gate is forming in the Pacific.

The May Queen will arrive, and all Life will leave the construct (“The Creation”). They have redefined and removed terms, and this alteration of books and history has deliberately led to many false conclusions.

All Life will return to their places of origin (Their own House & Family) and with the All Father in Heaven – which is the outside world. Or, they will go to the ‘new world’ and back under the veil. It depends on your orientation.

The Creation was originally used to decide service to self/SET/ the Left Hand Path which is a Sociopath – or Service to Other/All Father/the Right Hand Path and part of the Divine. You grow a ‘soul’ here, the more ‘fat’ it gets – deeper in character and depth of love – the larger it gets and this is greatly desired. It was also used to ‘serf’ and learn a new skill. Time passes differently, faster, within the construct. We have only been prisoners of war – locked inside – for 8 to 10 years of the Outside worlds’ time.

I’m not so sure that SET will do this though. The All Fathers current plan is to pull all life through the West gate and then blow the emptied shell of matter, to hell. She deserves it, in fact they all do. You are dealing not just with cold blooded cannibal killers, but a group of inbred insane Sociopaths who have gained control and set a large machine network of coven corporations into gear with the specific intention of killing mankind.

Like all sociopaths, they will not stop, they do it for the satisfaction. More importantly they know it is the War in Heaven they are fighting for SET and they have removed the Geneva Convention of 1917 that stated they were the Covens of “Azazel”; who’s saxon name was Alexander.



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