THE ALLIED FORCES … moving us out of the Abyss











The following information is from the Allies concerning how we make the leap forward. The allies are moving us out of the Abyss; they say they will rotate earth to the horizontal position for the purpose of flight. All electricity worldwide will be cut off. In the early morning hours all life that is good will be given the call, this unplugs them and they wake up and stand up out of their body. This is when the veil lifts and all memory returns. The holographic sky net will have a hard time keeping up with the role. This gives the appearance that the sun which was already rising falls backwards below the horizon again as you look to the opposite side of the sky you will see the ‘Net’ is open inside the ‘Dome’ and all life on Earth is racing for the doorway there. You are drawn to the +Positive Mast to Polarity and from there you are transferred to the ‘Arcs’ The ‘seal’ which was your choice determines what ‘Arc’ you go to. This is when the DNA upgrade occurs, it is 2 streams of code which are merged, one stream is provided by you as you come in the other stream is provided by the ‘Arc’. Your mind and your body are altered depending on what branch you chose. You exit the ‘transporter’ in an incorruptible body suitable to that ‘branch’. The law is nothing of the old may go forward and this will never happen again. Everything that is evil, corrupted, poisonous and non beneficial is drawn to the –Negative ‘Mast’. It is transferred to the ‘Pot’ which is then ‘Towed’ to the ‘Pit’. The Dome is completely cleaned out. The law is nothing evil or corrupt may go through the ‘gate’. After they are towed to the ‘Pit’ he comes back and he tows Earth. As One ‘Group’ we exit through the ‘gate’. On the other side of the ‘gate’ are laurel worlds, worlds of green life and great beauty, once there earths map is renewed, it goes through the same translation and upgrade. There is a large party with all of the families and we call this the ‘gathering’ and mankind settles down on the renewed Earth.



Earth is shown at the top of her pole which is called being T-eed. An’s NWO attempted to break The Masts on Earth with HAARP in an attempt to sabotage our move. God and The AF (Allied Forces) worked around this by repairing what could be repaired and bringing in a Tow. When the Masts are extended they act as a guide rail along the tracks which allows the planet to leave its pole and fly independently.

















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    This was explained before but will surely help newbies to understand more of what is going on. I personally don’t get tired of hearing this as I get very excited and it helps my frequencies rise. Think LOVE, be LOVE and be blessed

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