YRFT terminology

Set = Satan ( has gone by many other names)
Sets children are the Greys and the Moloch
el= greys (oheim) Al, Il,le, la,li These abbreviations are used depending on geographical location.
Moloch(owl) = Annunaki
The 7 = luciferian council of 7 which is The Royal
Royal = blood el / Freemasons
The 9= Archangel Michael
Council of 9 which is the papal
Papal = Father el / Illuminati( illui,illu,illum
Abyss= home of demons and Reptiles. It is Negative space fueled by a binary system with a Black Sun.
Ed= black sun and is the numbers editor it is A.I.
Yellow Sun= a firewall
The “Net” aka “Ma” is A.I. and is the origin of the Smith program. The holographic sky. We are within a server.
The poles = the 7 Candlesticks. They are attached the gears of the black sun. They keep us in this particular space within this time. Think of them as like grids on a map.
Chips= the ” planets on the poles.
Vah = planet ships, ships masked as planets
Masts= small poles. When extended act as guide a guide rail along the tracks. Allows the ” planet to leave its pole and fly independently.
Flags -= sigil when on the left signals negative polarity. When on right signals positive polarity.
Eek = the sound we made when we were telepathic.
Cabs = the tiny white boxes that move up and d
own the poles. Used to transport people. Like trains.
G.A. / strobing= Global alert, failure event
l.e.n. = leaving Event Notice
Rendezvous= the big show
AF= Allied Forces
MOB= group of Allied Forces
EF= Enemy forces


rendezvous – GIR – Global Int’l Rendezvous
Abyss – home of the Sith Lords (vectors)
smith program – snake myths program



Wanta add sth that covens became religions ?

And how many there are/run by whom….just a thought.

And what really BC and AC mean.


The domed flat Earth is a VAH. A VAH is a planet ship or a ship masked as a planet.


Ur = Uranus (Chronos), Mercury, Neptune, Saturn were last remain EF vahs on candlesticks that could fight AF.

omm’d = means an enemy object was targeted by AF & hit with weaponry.

Ceres = EF vah hidden in shadows brought in as last ditch to fight AF.

MUSS = MOSS = Microsoft/modeling Operation Sub System
***MOSS used by engineering and surveyors to map & graphical displays


FROM “LIES NASA TOLD” PDF: While the Banksters were openly stealing
Homesteads by the use of Covert means which is punishable by the death
penalty ONE/DAD continued to plough forward. The Covens use a dual name system, AT&T was taught as ‘An Tiamatt and Termeal’.

When the ‘Mob’ (AF) arrived they hit Mars and gave it a Coma, they hit the ‘Nephilheim (Nordics Erick) Moon Base’ the Allied Forces (AF) then hit ‘El’s’ Illi’s home world ‘Mercury’. 24th Dec 2013 and then they parked right over Earth and while the Elite fed their underlings some BS Story, they personally went into Full Panic Mode.

The UN is ‘Uranus Neptune’. It’s owned by Elizabeth and Rothchild. It is a Vatican Charter and while the Vatican and the ‘Ravonat Council’ worshiped God EL, he was showing them who God really was and while the rest of the Planet had no idea any of this was going on, Elizabeth, The Vatican, The Free-masons. (SEE SLIDE)

The Illuminati had direct contact with the ‘7 Sister Lords’ (Siths) and unlike the majority of people they knew these were called Demons because they are the ‘Negative Polarity’. The Wraith, The Archons & ‘The Illi’ which are the ‘EL’ are in The Coptic Record, they were known as brain ‘Parasites’. The Wraith were Symbiotes and so were the Archons.

They require host, they feed on humans and Elizabeth and The Priesthood offered their Followers and all of Humanity as a Food Source and she and The Covens have been implanting Humanity and this is how they have taken over. Everyone that went to a Bilderberg meet became implanted.


FROM LIES NASA TOLD: NASA which is D.O.D. owned and all the ‘Other Space Agencies’ are owned by The Vatican and Elizabeth. They do not tell you that you’re in The ‘Abyss’ because they are owned and operated by the ‘SITH’.

It is Coven Law that each ‘Coven’ must identify itself with a registered Coven symbol which is called a ‘SIGIL’. The ‘VECTOR’ symbol as on ‘All Space Agencies Logos’ is the ‘SIGIL of the SITH Lords which are the ‘7 Sister Lords’.

These are the ‘7 Candlesticks of BA-EL’. The “7” is the 7 Luciferian ‘Council of 7’ which are the Planets ‘Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Mars, Venus and Mercury’. The 3 dots represent the ‘3 Kings’ and the ‘3 Ptolemy’s’ (Saturn, Jupiter and Mars).


Q:  What is an OCK?

Rose:    a ‘ock’ is the main ‘handshake’ between here, and their servers. It carries the IP’s and ID’s of the individuals inside here. This allows that server to access that individual


W and M systems are basicly time space frequency emitters (ai)’s that work together to keep us imprisoned and blind. ED is like a black hole quantum singularity generator which is a common energy source in many systems not just the abyss but ED was warped rigged with multiple towers and hardware eg. (liliths firewall) that work at keeping this system a prison … w and m maybe a part of ED

“W” could be a system that controlled the flow of energy “UP” while “M” would control the flow of energy “Down” throughout the different levels/sub spaces of the system. Control programs to regulate flow of energy.

MUSS = MOSS = Microsoft/modeling Operation Sub System
***MOSS used by engineering and surveyors to map & graphical displays

They are Time frequency scalar field grids one excerpt from a particle physics paper describes PPN as data processing of the solar system gravitational experiments aimed to detect the presence of the scalar field.

These PPN transformations are also applicable in the precise time-keeping metrology, celestial mechanics, astrometry, geodesy and navigation.

SNAKEBOY COBRA’S PPN PB L51 seem the same W , M and ED subsystem’s the AF are bringing down

ED and the subsystems … ROSE describes them as vahs as well perhaps they work in conjunction



8 thoughts on “TERMINOLOGY

  1. Are not the angels who are known by their names of ancient Hebrew deities the Elves and Alfars of the Northern European myths? Originally the luminous Alfes (Ljosalfars) were known as beings of light with very pale and shimmering skin and had little to do with the Tolkenian imagination, they resided in a celestial world but were reputed as avengers and were also very interested in human lineages, in sexaulity, especially in the upbringing of young people with preference for pale hair and skin and young children, they were also angry and very proud. They were especially concerned with the souls of the dead and were seen as a class of courtiers for the most powerful deity.

    The word Alf comes from the Indo-European word for white and sparkling and they are related to the mist just like the Greys.

    It is also interesting that most of the enlightened beings of the New-Age tradition respond to these carateristics: Aryan stereotypes, luminous, souls of the dead, sexuality, lineage.

    Let us also note that according to David Icke the Dracos and the Greys are particularly interested in pale humans, especially children.

    The Elves were also during eras represented with black almond eyes and the elves of the Tolkenian tales present carateristics with the Grey Hybrids like the Yahyel (Big almond eyes, fragile appearance, diaphanous and pale skin,pointed ears , long life, artistic, magic).

    My second question would be that among those who claim to be Elves, Angels or Pleadians how many really belong to these orders.

    Those who have studied the question know that Elves have little to do with Tolkien’s (Freemason) but are more like pale luminous beings with big almond-shaped eyes.

    I think that most of them are only human victims of the popular culture which is quite symptomatic of our time.


  2. Elves are among the FirstBorn. When 1/3 of the stars were swept from Heaven and their energy degraded this affected all realms. Using Fallen caricatures for any Race of Beings including Man will not reveal the True nature or Divine Blueprint


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