Earth and the communication






“Trolls need to stop living in denial. Just because you haven’t seen something, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. And that is not the end you should have in an oxygenated atmosphere. Oxygen deprivation might be the source of your confusion. Not everyone on youtube is a liar, nor do most people lie to their friends when asked a simple question. Wake up and smell the roses, catch a clue, play nice. “








(Paul asks if our doubles are just like us, or 12 strand dna, like as we are without the reps mutilations and sabotage)

YRFT – hmmm..thats a good question. I do believe that they are a higher lifeform than us. What their ‘dna’ would be, I’m not sure.

… (you said you saw our doubles, could you notice if they are kind of different
same traces, but different)

YRFT – I’ve seen them two ways. One as the race they were, and then as our mirror image double.
er…just better looking 😃

no flaws

… (yeah, i can imagine

and younger, i hope LOL

want to play football again)

YRFT – you will…and for a VERY LONG time 😃


YRFT – I could be wrong, but it does sound like what we called a manipulated dream. When the enemy/net, found out we were getting out and seeing things, they’d tamper with us at night to make sure to stop that. So we’d end up stuck in a simulation dream instead. Because she’s breaking down(Ma net is fried) she’s gotten very random and disjointed. The manipulated dreams don’t quite ‘stream’ as well as they did before. I’ve heard of ‘looped plays’, like one guy was just riding his bike. Never got anywhere, and kept passing the same scenery. Or ‘night mares’, which actually used the mares, which are a species of ef, in the simulations. So it sounds like in the beginning, you were picking out your spot above to move into, and that’s when they caught it and then pulled you into their manipulation. I could be wrong. But I’ve heard of others who’ve been picking out their homes.



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