About Eve … A few words about Eve








I wonder about Mutt, he has a personality is he the oversoul for mankinds next book of life or perhaps the personality which will be the guide or track (map) for mankind? I am very curious about the stars that you said are in him and add to him, each star being personality ( a human) a spirit which adds too the whole of our consciouness as beings together?So stars are the spark of each life(spirit)?

YRFT – the way I’ve heard it, when promoted you become a ‘star’. There are two type of promotions. One is with the birth of a child. You then become that childs, domain. The other is with the promotion to the next book of Life with Eve (or which ever other), and that makes you a star within the ONE, I believe. Because I’ve heard that our move up adds to the ONE. Its possible it is the ONE and Eve both, who gain the added mass, I’m not sure. Either way, you are still with a body, and still a participating member of mankind. Or any other branch.

YOU are the child, lmao. You become the next in line for that type of promotion.



(Paul asks if our doubles are just like us, or 12 strand dna, like as we are without the reps mutilations and sabotage)

YRFT – hmmm..thats a good question. I do believe that they are a higher lifeform than us. What their ‘dna’ would be, I’m not sure.

… (you said you saw our doubles, could you notice if they are kind of different
same traces, but different)

YRFT – I’ve seen them two ways. One as the race they were, and then as our mirror image double.
er…just better looking 😃
no flaws

… (yeah, i can imagine
and younger, i hope LOL
want to play football again)

YRFT – you will…and for a VERY LONG time 😃



The image of ‘earth’ at the sun, that was a part of Eve showing. The other images, are from the May Queen festivals.

I believe that those above have been feeding us the information for quite sometime. Through the subconscious knock and dreams. Many writers speak, of how their ideas came to them in a dream.


It was up for quite some time. Then when google took over youtube, some one on their executive level deemed my vids ‘inappropriate content’ and pulled them. I was so pissed at the slur, I simply pulled some of the others and didn’t bother with the rest. Inappropriate…to tell people who’s who in ‘the war in heaven’. I looked through their whole regulation on that and it didn’t have a single thing in that contract that was their definition of ‘inappropriate’. Such bs. They never responded to my complaint and in fact I will bet they don’t bother to reply to anyone who complains about a pulled vid.

We are in Server D. This entire area, is apart of the enemy’s territory. But, it is all inside a server. You are in a virtual reality. When we exit, you will be back in the ‘real world’ again.





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