Sirius is known as the “dog star” when it appears in the height of the summer sky.  The “star” representing the Egyptian god Osiris, the blazing star of Sirius, was depicted as Anubis by the ancient Egyptians and “Janitor Lethacus” – the keeper of hell, by the Romans.  Anubis is the god who guarded the gates of death from which were derived dog faced creatures referred to as the “hounds of hell,” – the entities which protect and serve the master of the underworld.  It is in adoration to this god that George Washington designed the outlay of New Rome.  This is why the Pentacle is clearly seen in the architecture of Washington D.C.

The foundation of the United States government hinged upon the gods and goddesses of the heavens.  The astrological signs of the Zodiac were what guided the Founding Fathers.

Their Great Architect … This is why America was officially founded on July 4th, 1776; exactly 13 days after the summer solstice.  The Dog Star, Sirius, was in alignment with the Sun. And the sun, to the Founding Fathers, represented their woshipful Master of wisdom, Set. This same astrological occurrence was the backdrop behind the laying of all of Americas cornerstones, whether the U.S. Capitol building, the White House, or the Washington Monument.  And this is why America is full of Egyptian symbology, Greek gods and goddesses and Roman architecture.

In the “dog days of summer” – a reference to Sirius, many ignorant Christians worship their country on the Fourth of July thinking they are reveling in wholesome American patriotism when they are only pledging their allegiance to its demonic foundations.  One hundred and fifty years before the Revolutionary War of Independence in 1775 secret societies were thriving in the land of the New Atlantis – America.  In fact, it is estimated that the majority of those who fought in the American War for independence were members of these occult groups.



The History of Set

“SET” was written as “The Leviathan Class Serpent of the Abyss, Father of the Branch of Reptiles, Ruler of the Underworld and Abyss”.

The Hebrew called him “Solomon” (Sol-O-Mon) the “Wise serpent’ & ‘terrible judge’.

In Sumerian times his name was “An”.

“OANES” is “O An is” “A.D.” is “Anno Domini” (Domination of An)

His Egyptian Coven Name was “SET”

Babylon name was: “SULIEMAN” (modern Iran)

Greeks called him Cronos (Father time)

Common man called him “Satan” (SET-AN)
Elizabeth 1″ was called in;

Egypt: “ISIS”


Babylon: “SELENE”

Hebrew: “LILITH”

Greek: “Arsine”

Sumerian: “Inanna”

Saxon: “Elizabeth” (‘Gloriana’)

Russia: “Elizabeth”

Scotland: “Mary” (‘Bloody Mary’)

A few of the various other COVEN and god Names: “SHIVA”, “VENUS”, ATHENA”, “HERA”, “Mary Magda-lene” done by papal promotion

“Mad” King George was known in;

Egypt: “OSIRIS”

Rome: “CAESAR” Ptolemy promoted to Sotter (the drunker he got)

Babylon: “SYN” origin of Sin Tax & Syndicate

Hebrew: “Ba-El” King of Hell

Greek: “BACCHUS”

Sumerian: “Enlil” (Enki’s brother)

Saxon: “George”

A few of the various other COVEN names: “JUPITER”, “ZEUS”, “HADES”, “POSEIDON”(Pose I done), “ODIN”, “SERAPIS”, “St. Peter” by papal promotion.

Note: George & Elizabeth were the “Incestuous twins” and had a son, named ‘Charles’. “Charlemagne”, “Lord Melchizedek (Order of Lilith)”,”MERCURY”, “HORUS” papal promoted to “JESUS”

King “Alexander” (Elizabeth 1 husband and twin brother) who was killed created the ‘Covens of AZAZEL’ in Latin root word formations “CA” is Coven Azazel.

Alexander was also known in;

Egypt: “RA” created Wicca, ‘Horned god of Coven WICCA’

Rome: “BAPHOMET” ‘Coven CAESAR’ (ca/e/sar – Coven Azazel – had/out of – Master)

Babylon; “MASSAWA” ‘Coven FREEMASON’ origin of “Messiah”, the Hopi called him “Massa”

Hebrew: “AZAZEL”

Sumerian: “Marduke”

Russia/Saxon: “Alexander” – Romanov (Roman of)

A few COVEN and god Names: “MARS”, “ARIES”, APOLLO”, “APOLLYON”, “Archangel Michael” by papal promotion.



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