The Truth Is Full Of Lies : Giant Space Cables Found By The Sun



Giant Space Cables Found By The Sun


Giant sprawling space cables were found by the sun spanning vast distances in space.This coupled with the fact that UFO’s are being captured on NASA SOHO images on a regular basis is thought provoking to say the least.More of these cables have now been found by the Sun. It is difficult to tell if they are part of the original cables found or if they are a separate construct. Who made these and what are they? Power Transmission? Launch Loops? What is going on around our Sun?



Emerald Tablets of Thoth



Lavish use of gold binds the subconscious irrevocably to the world of icons and worship, and the shimmering, incandescent winged creatures … Ancient Egyptian hybrid deities plainly men’s bodies with bird-heads … avian creations have become lithe and fluid, with bodies that curl and twist like sea horses through the primordial, painterly soup.

Many of them eschew limbs altogether; their plump chests merely taper off into sinuous coils and, like tadpoles, they could be creatures in a state of becoming, hinting at endless potential metamorphoses … viridian gene pool cuts and spliced humans, avian, hippocampus and plant matter … scene of monstrous deformity and mad science dreamed up by genetic engineering. A world of changelings and chimeras downloaded into a wondrous utopia of inter-dimensional channellers.


I don’t know who is behind this deception, but it is very like the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. Meant for deception. Pure propaganda. It sounds ‘nice’ but just like the governments lies, it only ‘sounds nice’ it is actually something completely different.

They are stealing mankinds children, by Sealing them to do service to other branches, rather than the branch of Man. The Seal can be removed by the subconscious which takes oaths and vows of service seriously (Subconscious Sabotage). What they do is program the subconscious to make a vow or oath of service to them, and then when the father of Man whom is actually the real ‘God’ of Mankind, Seals them, the subconscious is removing it. This allows the other branch to seal them and steal them.

There is no ’5th Density’. That is all within SET’s realm – the ruler of the Underworld(“hollow earth”) and the Abyss(negative space of the sith lords and origin of demons). The hebrew called him “Solomon” and JESUS is the Coven name for his line. Which is why he commands demons, not God.

Those who choose ‘ascension’ are being tricked and they are being sealed by his branch families and stay within SET’s realm. They never regain their memory-never leave the veil (stay attached to SET’s Akashic records which he routinely alters)- and never leave the incarnation cycle, which is his clone recycling method – not being ‘reborn’.

God does NOT CHANNEL nor does he do DOWNLOADS of information. ‘Bad’ can cheat, but under the Law, ‘Good’ can not. There is a penalty. The law is, that they(good/god) may only make contact via the subconscious knock.
Renew your vow to god alone. Do this by writing it out, then speaking the words. And continue to do this. It helps break the subconscious sabotage. The time of the division of the families is here. Which is why “so many wept when they found out the choice they had made”.

Many are going to the underworld, which is not the ‘nice’ image of ‘Hollow Earth’ they have given nor is it the wonderful future Not much time left to break it. When you do this, you’ll get them ‘pushing’ the thoughts into the mind, to get you to alter your choice. Continue to write it out and speak it out loud. It does help break the sabotage.

The sabotage is deep. Many whom are sabotaged, will read this post and think it is a lie or for other reasons discount it. Part of their sabotage is to ‘blind’ a person. IE, a sociopath is ‘blind’ to the harm they do. A person can suffer ‘blind’ ambition. Through their religious coven indoctrination they can have ‘blind’ faith in ‘JESUS’ or ‘MOHAMMAD.’ Through their new age indoctrination they can ‘blindly’ believe in ‘ascension’ and ’5th density’ without completely understanding what they are actually being told. These people miss out that they have been caught until the cuffs are on them or the veil is lifted.

There are only three locations.

In which those whom are ‘good’ have 13 houses/tribes; and God is real. In other words he is a person you will meet. He has another name, he is called “ONE”. Which is not a number or a concept but a name, it is the origin of “Law of ONE”. God is the right hand path, service to others, and in order to be a part of the divine, you have to be ‘good’

“The Abyss”
Which is a Negative Space, fueled by a binary system with a black sun. During the war, they pulled us, planet and all, in through the Eye(Sun) which is also called the ‘East Gate Entrance of God’, into the Abyss. This is why NASA has all those ‘evil’ aliens spoken of. We ‘fell’ in Battle, and have been p.o.w.’s. The only ‘aliens’ that have been met, are those whom are in breach of the Law which places them on the opposing side of the War. They controled the area, and so they had access and the ability to influence. The El(oheim) are the greys. The hebrew coven removed the wording in the books, it was written as “the Eloheim with whom Man is at war with in the War in Heaven” “AL, IL, EL, are Latin Suffixes for god El” And this is whom JFK refereed to in his ‘secret society speech’ and why he was killed by the Covens who made a pact for power, with the El(babylon “Illu/Illi and Illumi” origin of Coven Illuminati, the Roman Pontiffs office) The El are not alone. And “the El created the Nephilheim and the Ba-el”

“The Underworld”
Which is not the myth of beauty the Nephlihiem give. They are chipped like Borg. They can not make choices outside of that computer program, and never regain their memory, nor do they have knowledge of their real history. They are attached to the computer Akashic records that “Lilith” and her Melchizedek Order control, rewrite, and alter and they are under SET. Set’s cycles “Mayan calendar” “Syn, Lord of Calendars” is that cycle which is designed to twist the spirit into a demonic form. They are service to self, the left hand path, and that is the purpose of the cycles of endless harm. “Nephliheim” translates to ‘reanimated body’. They stole our original dna, and they use it as their ‘vehicle’ while poisoning our dna and this is who is involved with the ptb.

“You are not the Body, the Body is the Vehicle”. A human being is the ‘mirror’ for the Spirit which is interacting within this environment. It is currently hidden from your site, and operates on the subconscious level as somewhat of a separate personality. This is your ‘double’, it is a you that you will like. ‘They’ have None of the addictions and bad habits you have been given here.

And incident will soon occur. At that point you will meet your ‘double’. And that is when the ‘leap’ forward is made. In both evolution…you will never be a slow wit again…and in spirit, you will again be clean.

The Law is “Nothing of the Old may go Forward” and this means not only the bad habits will be removed, so will “Selene’s” QE1 slave system and her governments, will be removed. Because you are altered, and of a more conscious nature, you will be self rule again. We have earned a Larual World; which is a world of green life and abundance of life forms.

Those who stay in SET’s realms, the ’5th density’ and ‘dimensions’ of SET; will stay in slavery. Everything they had planned to do to us, will be done to them. They wrote their own script, of War death and endless poverty. They do not get a Laural world; they [choose] concrete and they will get desert.

All life that is ‘good’ is about to be separated from these evil lying entities. And that is the truth.

So much for the New Age Movement, eh?!







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