The Lie NASA Told improved audio version


Some of the Footage from NASA, hidden in their archives. Images of planets being destroyed by a War in Space. The last, on March 19th, was Jupiter. This footage concerns the imminent destruction of the NWO & mankinds freedom.”


The “Monolithic” Group that “Opposes” Mankind is called the ‘COVENS of AZAZEL’ an incorporated entity created By Alexander. They are defined as “The PAPAL, ROYAL & FEDERAL” and this is who the war was against. They fight against Mankind, for the Branch of ‘SET’ which is the Coven name of Suleiman.

They created the Pharisees with this Hebrew law which was taught and is now removed:

“All Priest Kings are gods on Earth by Divine Right as granted by god El(ohiem) with whom Man is at War with, in the War in Heaven”.

This Canon created the Pharisees. It was written:

“In Every language and Every land, the Conquering Children of SET were given a Name”.

The Elites at the top are all connected



“All Priest Kings must have a god Name; a Title Name; a Common Name; & a COVEN Name for each COVEN they create as per the blood pact of COVEN ANT. When promoted, the name must change to reflect the Promotion.”

This was not a thousand years ago. The newspapers of 1901 still have “C.E.” They set up the current system, including the creation of “Legislation” which is controlled by the Papal branch; judicial system, banking, corporations, which is controlled by the Federal Branch; commerce and corporate governments run by executors whom we ‘name’ presidents and prime ministers, which is controlled by the Executor Branch the Royal Elizabeth.

All of which the Papal put over us in 1917 when they won the war. That is when they moved the pharisees from Rome to England, and removed all reference that Queen Elizabeth was Pharaoh and broke up the power structure into three branches to protect the queen from any claims against her.

The Creation or Construct is that of an electrical board with a positive (Heaven) and a Binary (Negative/Neutral) arena that comprises SET’s domain, the Underworld, and what was once the Sith controlled Abyss.

“The Pharaohs statues lead with the Left Foot to Denote the Left Hand Path of SET; Service to Self. The Highest Service to Self is Murder of Self or Other” A Sociopath.

This is one large group, that is an umbrella corporation which is running all other corporations as ‘shell’ corporations. That is inclusive of “MI6” to “CIA”; to corporate governing bodies like “CHINA”, “ISRAEL” to “U.S.”; from “ISLAM”, “BUDDHA”, “PAGAN RELIGIONS” to “CATHOLIC”; “TEMPLAR”, ‘FREEMASON” to “JESUIT”. These are all ‘incorporated’ entities. You are witnessing a Large Scale, Planet wide ‘COMPANY STORE SYSTEM’ that uses the ploy of “infighting” to give the appearance they are not related to each other, when in fact the trace of financial instruments shows that they are. This one group, has at the top of it, a group of individuals whom are Sociopaths by choice; it is in fact their ‘religion’. They’re intent is premeditated murder. It gives them a sense of satisfaction. To a normal human being these actions seem ‘insane’ and we constantly fail to comprehend; Sociopaths literally do not think the way normal people do. They are hardwired to the reptile brain, and literally do not have the physical capacity to think like a normal human being. That is straight from the legal and medical terminologies.

the followers of SET and the Sith. They are Service to Self sociopaths hardwired to the reptile portion of the brain. They are unable to think like normal human beings.

This is where things started to fall together for me. Normal human beings are capable of reason, rational thought, love, sharing, etc…

Enter the Emissaries of Light (aka SET and his minions) waving the banner of, “Man’s nature being that of a violent, vile, and evil species, totally incapable of any benevolent traits, rational thought, or spiritual prowess.”

So that last part was written in my words, but you get the idea. I think it should be very easy to see these individuals now. Anyone parroting War. Anyone labeling those who question the System as loonies, conspiracy theorists or nuts. Anyone blocking, limiting, or otherwise hindering the due process of True Law and Justice where ritual child rape and murder is concerned.

If we want to get really specific as to who these traitors and enemies of Mankind our, let us look further into Rose’s commentary.

The Family of SET the “Leviathan [Class Serpent] of the Abyss” invaded Earth. In his own Arc he is called Lord Abyth Sol and his Coven the Hebrew, called him “Sol-O-Mon” the ‘Wise Serpent’.

In Every land and Every language, they were given a Name and claimed themselves “GOD” on conquered Earth. In Sumeria, he was ‘An’; Greece he was ‘Cronus’ Father Time – he created the Cycles of Destruction, the Mayan Calendars, etc. Until then we had no concept of ‘god’ and deifying people.

SET had two offspring branches, the El(oheim) which the Babylonians called Demons and where ‘illu/illi and illumi’ and “Lilith’s Shining Ones” because their skins can emit light. They enter on the 33rd degree line, into this domain.

And it is the Annunaki Owl which are the Sumerian Moloch – “Isis, Queen of the Moloch”; and their primary food source is children. Which is why “Lilith eats Children”. “A.D.” is Latin “Ann-O Domini” and means “Annunaki Owl Domination” of Earth. The Annunaki Council of 7 is the “Luciferian Council of 7″ and the El Council of 9 is the “Archangel Michael Council of 9.” The El created the Ba-El and the Nephilheim. The Ba-el were the overseers that originally collected the human sacrifice of children for the Moloch.




QUEEN’s last name is GOTHA … Jesus died at Gotha




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