Destruction of the Sun is Done (ED IS DEAD)


Ed is Dead and the cabal is toast




01001000 01001111 01001111 01010010 01000001 01011001


There is a mechanism there, its a machine. And reportedly there are a couple of stellars hiding behind the image we see on the nasa photos. And besides the ‘beast’, There is also the ‘black sun’ which appears to be a black cube shaped crystal. We’re told, we see all of that as we leap forward. I believe that is due to the fact that the veil is removed.

It hasn’t been transformed. It is to die. When it does it will end the seven and nine. None of these planets are getting out of here.

All life that is good, will be pulled, then the “really Big shew” commences. We land on the Road, and Earth is cleaned up and pulled in after us.



Sun again momentarily disappeared from the solar system


July 19, 2014, was recorded another case of the disappearance of the Sun from the solar system. This phenomenon does not occur for the first time. In the picture, we can see the stars, but we do not see the sun. The sun had disappeared in space! This happened for a very short time and people could not notice this phenomenon. But NASA’s unable to fix the time of the disappearance of the sun. It can be concluded that the Sun – it pulsating portal.




One thought on “Destruction of the Sun is Done (ED IS DEAD)

  1. why do you call ED to the sun?
    ED are initials for what?

    Many times I go to watch SOHO site, and Stereo B images, and the images are not available, “no data”,
    this happens when NASA is censoring the images and don’t want public to see whats happening around the sun.

    the sun is like a giant electron, it appears and disappears from a dimension to another, a kind of quantum leap


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